Friday, September 7, 2012

Vanity Sin

Yep another one of these. Meet Siadina! My baby, my alter ego, my dress up doll and purveyor of my in-game glory and fame:
At last the Dryad bow is MINE! *Muahhahahhahahah*
Please please please give us the option to dye our undies! Yellow is nice but purple is better. 
Heritage armor is Pimp!
Town clothes. The top is in Orchard and Pine, the skirt is Shy Violet.  The expression is all haughty!


  1. I need to give away most of my dyes. I keep getting pink ice, sky blue, or some froo froo color. I'm a guy, I need crimson red, dark/emerald green or brown...brown anything. LOL

    1. I would kill for some froo froo color dye....all I am getting is well reds and greens and blues.
      Have you tried the TP? There are some very reasonable dyes for sell there.