Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Troll's End is a jumping puzzle in LA. *slight spoilers ahead*

Take a smidgen of troll add a pinch of strawberries and a glaze of aggravation and you get the Troll's End jumping puzzle. My asuran pal Bree and I went hunting for JP's after a quick conversation about how hard the pirate puzzle was. I had already completed Urmaug's Secret and found it quick and fun so I hog-tied my friend and away we went.

The right click party thingy actually worked when I was spawned in the overflow and needed to join friend. *yay!* About a half hour later, we had finished it and I was all like."Hey! There is another one in here somewhere lets find it!" *next time if I suggest something just take it on faith that I am leading you into either mortal danger or a cluster screw of epic proportions...trust me* So a quick look at Hunter's Guide and off we went again.

First: Holy Well of Barracuda Batman! The fish says in a creepy I own you sorta way, "I have everything you need...."

Second: The Adventurer is a trap. You see the fallen human and are like ooohhh the beginning must be around here somewhere. Right? No. Nonononononono...no. Time trap activate!

Third: If you have to fall any distance and there is a glowy light that obstructs your vision, well too bad buttercup. You have to fall just right. On a pin-head. Thanks for putting a blinding, spot inducing, night vision ruinous spotlight in the middle of my jumps.

Forth: It isn't over until you open the chest. My buddy? Yeah he got uber stuck between a rock and a forge-place. Literally. Alas he had to go run the whole shebang over again. I don't mind the aggravation of trying hard, I don't even mind the gnashing of teeth to stop screaming when I miss a jump that is so easy a blindfolded turkey could do it. I DO mind, however, if you get right to the end of an hour or so long puzzle and get jipped two jumps from the goal without a way to get back without having to run it again.

Fifth: When you actually do it and get the little green circle of OMG YES! and a chest the feeling is pimp. Most of the time the views are exquisite, the rewards are nicely leveled to you, and you just feel great!


  1. Huh. I guess I should pay more attention to Hunter's Jumping Puzzle Guide. So far my finds of jumping puzzles have been most through stumbling into them. That is how I found the pirate maze one and Urmaug's Secret. I thought they were the only ones on Divinity's Reach.

    Guess I will check Troll's End tomorrow!

    1. Let me know how it goes! During the puzzles I tell myself that never again will I go hunting one, and as soon as I finish I am all like ooohhh that was FUN! Lets do another....*facepalm*

    2. Just completed it!

      The hardest part was to figure out where the entrance was to even start the dang jumping puzzle. I admit I had to cheat and check on YouTube for that part.

      Once I got inside there was a new problem... My charr was just too big for those narrow passages so I could barely see anything in front of him. I decided to get my asura to do it instead. A couple deaths later, I got inside again and start the jumping. When I was almost finishing it, I missed a jump, fell down and had to restart from the beginning... So I did, it went slightly faster and I as more careful to not miss any jump. This time I was able to finish it!

      This is one of those I am glad the achievement is account-wide rather than character-based. Otherwise it would drive me crazy. Also another one (the other being the first one in Caledom Forest) where I think doing it with a small race is a must. At least until they allow us to play with first person view.

    3. I had a time getting the twisty vistas in the Grove for just such reason with my norn. Sometimes it helps if you scroll all the way out and move the camera view where you can get a chest shot of your toon.