Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jumping Plains

*light spoilers*

Hidden in the bottom pocket of the Plains of Ashford, there be a puzzle. Loreclaw Expanse. You have two routes to get to the meat and potatoes of it. Let me share a hint: For the love of the six, don't do the underwater way! Two reasons. First the slight beams of thinness are a total pain, and second it will only add to your time and misery. Hardheaded me learns slowly....

There are also painful hoops to *giggle* jump over and through. More hints! Watch the patterns. With the circles of doom, if you get lucky they go off 1 2 3 4....if not it is more like 2 1 3 4. Thanks a million to those peeps who rezzed me again and again and again as I learned that. With the flame gargoyles of death after the first one puffs the last two times, run like someone owes you rent money! The final eek ouchie is the Stair of Boulder Smash!! It will not trigger until you get into range so if your alone just haul ass. In a group? Take turns.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Read the journal, prepare to fight a few nasty critters, and land proper! And remember it ain't over till the green circle sings.


  1. That was the first one I stumbled on after the game went live. It is also the one that got me into enjoying doing jumping puzzles despite all the deaths, curses and thoughts of "Why the hell am I doing this?". :)

    All the while I was doing that I was thinking "This feels like something out of an Indiana Jones movie..." then I reached the end and the journal was the perfect way to finish it. :)

    1. Ohh how I could have used your advice...but persistence sometimes makes for a really really fun run. I was thinking the whole way through that this would be a fantastic place for a Halloween party! Just place a few pumpkins and have the flames be decorative and viola...creepy fun!