Friday, September 28, 2012

Sia Does Crafting

Ohh yeah! Adding a new link this morning peeps. GW2WIZ . With his most excellent Leatherworking guide. Sia went from 0 to 294 in just under 3 hours. *sighs* I think I am in love..<3
Proof...I has a proof and I am not afraid to use it!!
There were some hiccups, but not with the guide. When I go to put quantities into the TP to buy stuff, it will not register the numbers that I type... I would select the how many field, and put in 12, but only the 1 or the 2 would show, causing the coinage to be shown correctly for what I wanted to buy but only send me one or two items. *scratches head* You know there may be a better way to explain that.....damn you brain, you should work better!

I tried to dabble in cooking at first, sans excellent guide, and failed to the point I was totally lost. There were some very helpful links that I found, but alas, my butt was stuck in LA because if you zone while trying for the survivor thingie, you lose your progress. Be prepared if you want to do crafting to get that, it was super fun, but I sure didn't think things through before I jumped into the shark tank. But press on I did! With me playing all toons just about equally, I have a monstrous supply of cooking materials. So with the determination of a homeless hooker raiding a spam factory, my cooking reached new heights!
Yep! 113! I feel like Gordon Ramsey!
So now, on Sunday, I has a mission. It may be mission impossible. I will enter the realm of Wubs, I will try to convince invaders that yes I really want to kill you please, so could you just stand there and let me spam my attack at you? I promise to be very gentle when I tea-bag your corpse. * I have learned some very very bad habits from playing Battlefield 1943 with my hunny!*

Here is to the MONTHLY! May you go smoothly down like a good shot of whiskey, be completed with the swiftness of undies flying onstage at a concert, and be a bit easier to chew next month! *Cheers*


  1. The trading post is funky when it comes to clicking between input boxes. It will inconsistently select the first space, the middle space, the last space, or even highlight all the numbers. Very frustrating.

    I hope that you are using lots of buy orders for your crafting materials, and that you are also focusing on discoveries to get the bulk of your experience.

    1. Buy orders..Not so much. I had a hell of a time just trying to outright buy them, and when I thought about placing a buy order, i was so irritated that I didn't bother.

      And discoveries are the only way to go, which means without a guide for the cooking I was all over the place. Red is such a mean color...

  2. Gw2WIZ has some incredibly detailed guides. Wiz is actually the new site of the guides I linked to a few weeks ago. He puts in a ton of work on all of those and it really does show. Some get outdated with new discoveries and such, but he does a great job of updating them.

    1. He is just awesome! I have the site bookmarked because I plan on having all my peeps at max level in all crafts. Hey I never ever said that I was sane *giggle*