Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 of 15 Wubs Kills

I did it! I really did it! I poked my little toe into the big bad world of WvWvW and came out happy!

There was a short wait to get in on the Yaks Bend home world. I think I may have waited about 20 mins or so. Then the little pale *I call it the bar of overflow doom* popped up. I really did think it was the over flow notice until it actually read it. Nope! Borderlands HO!

There is a very helpful charr standing when you first get in. Don't mind the voice, we would all be grumpy if we had to give the "Here is how to go die" speech to every PvE bumpkin that passes through. Giving me the very same Intel, I was off to the races!

I have had visions of the enemy team dragging my poor carcass across the snowy cliffs, but surprisingly that didn't really happen. I get out from under papa Charr and poke around a bit. The armor vendors are a trip. I fix my armor boo-boos from PvE, latch upon the first little green dot I saw and boom I am killing a Doylak? Yep pack mules. You want to find the ones with different colors and whale on them until they die. I did that! *grin*

Then I see a sea of green dots. Mother of Dwayna it was the dreaded ZERG... Well call me a drake and put on the floaties because I jumped right on in. And SWAM by george!

I killed, I was killed. I rezzed, I was rezzed. I swapped out my pets like a bride trying on wedding dresses. And in the end I had 10 of 15 tier II of the monthly achievement and a healthy respect for red circles and sharks.

I want to play again. It was fun just being a minion for the Zerg. I have no clue what orbs do, why there is a timer, how to adjust my skills for group play, or even what the honor medal thingies do. But I will go back in. I will test my might against the bevvy of world invaders. I may even learn how to play my ranger in a way that does not leave me a crumpled heap of scrap leather on the battlefield.

Screenshot on the way!


  1. Haha. Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

    I haven't tried WvW since... the first beta weekend I think. But now you are making me tempted to give it another go! :)

    1. Omg I was soo freaking lost....I kept seeing all of these new event markers and could not for the life of my poorly used pets figure out where to go.
      But the Zerg knew. I think the next few times I go in I'm going to pick an accountability buddy!!